New year, new me…?

Probably not entirely new, no. I kinda like me. And plus, all of the work I did on myself in 2018 has set me up for an amazing 2019! (we may delve more into that deep stuff another time)

Anyway, back the whole ‘new year’ thing…

NYD at the Cathedral Ranges State Park, Victoria.

The beginning of a new 12 month cycle does allow us to review, reset, and restart afresh. It’s been over 6 months since my last blog post and I have no excuse other than that life and work got in the way. Very flaky of me, I know! I came bolting out of the blocks at the start of 2018 with such a clear idea of where I wanted this blog to go and I was so excited about it! I had a plan, I had things I wanted to share and …I …just …didn’t. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

I stumbled over technical issues (like video – to embed? to host? what do these even mean?!), deciding what to post and finding time to create the content. Where and how do you find the balance, when living requires an income? And on top of that, what if no one even cares what I am sharing? Am I wasting my time???? So many questions I had.

So, I just stopped. Out of fear? Not really. Out of boredom? Nope. Out of complete lack of knowing how to continue considering all of the above factors? YES. I allowed those external factors impede on my progress so much so that it all but came to a grinding halt. End of story. Done.


You may then be asking what now? What’s changed? What am I even doing back here? Am I going to do that same thing again – start strong in January, only to burn out by March? These are all valid questions and the truth is I have no idea. BUT, my intention is to build on the foundations I laid down in 2018. To share more of the things I love, the things I am passionate about and trust I am heading in the right direction (& that you will come along for the ride with me).

Stay tuned for more…!!!