…a new year in 2018

Happy New Year! I hope you all welcomed in the new year with your nearest and dearest, celebrating the beginning of 2018. As an aside (you may not be into numerology, but stay with me) this year is a number 2 year – meaning it’s time to allow those things you started in 2017 to take root and grow (don’t be passive about them – really do it like you meant it!) or if they are no longer serving you, let them go to make space for those that do!

In the closing weeks of 2017, I was thinking of these things in my own life – what is still serving me and what should I be letting go of in order to create space for other opportunities? I am a huge believer in setting intentions, listening to my intuition and truly feeling my way when I am faced with decisions. When you start to really acknowledge your ‘gut feeling’, you realise what it is to be connected to yourself – more specifically, your higher self. I don’t want to sound like a weirdo guys, but seriously if you are faced with a dilemma and actually sit and listen to – or more importantly, FEEL – your gut, you will know what you are supposed to do. Sometimes the right thing isn’t the easy option, but it damn-straight is going to bring you the better outcome. (more on following your gut at a later date – promise)

Anyway, employing my high-tech gut-feeling apparatus, I discovered quite quickly what had to go (I am still constantly in awe of how this crazy Universe of ours operates).

As part of my new year opportunities and ideas, here at My Abundant Plate in addition to my usual rants, musings and recipes, I will be looking to delve a little deeper. Look out for mindful movement sequences, meditations and fun, slow-craft, creative DIY instructionals – all of which you can do at home. It may seem counterintuitive to use this platform to encourage people to connect with the real world and with themselves, but over the past year, I have noticed how disconnected we have become from each other. We view ‘liking’ an image or selecting an emoji as communication and connection, when it is actually the farthest from it we can probably get. So, we begin with ourselves then we expand that love and connectedness to others. Sound good?

In addition to my own content, I have also been working with Andrew (Ananta) over at Santosha Yoga Gippsland to produce a 7-day menu plan as part of his brand new Yoga practice challenge, Yoga Being. You can sign up for access to the full, plant-based meal plan and complete shopping list (handy!) as well as daily yoga practices you can do at home. It is such a wonderful initiative to encourage us to slow down, honour ourselves and also think more consciously about what we are feeding our bodies as well as our minds.


A new year is such a rich opportunity for all of us to create positive change for ourselves and for the greater world around us and I hope that you will join me here to help this little blog contribute to that change in some small way.

Until next time,