Chocolate, chocolate everywhere!

…even for breakfast!

Because, honestly, who doesn’t eat chocolate for breakfast on Easter Sunday? (and possibly Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Monday and, if you’re in New Zealand, Easter Tuesday!) We really should just call it ‘Easter Week’ and be done with it.

Anyway, I digress…

If you’re thinking perhaps another chocolate bunny or a handful of mini chocolate eggs is best left until morning tea, perhaps you can go for a deliciously spiced chocolate smoothie to start your day!

I will happily admit that this recipe is based on one from the gorgeous Jordanna over at The Inspired Table because that’s pretty much where I get a lot of my inspiration from. She is my Smoothie Guru (and a holistic wellness coach too)! Jordanna has a beautiful philosophy on life which I totally relate to and this year she launched a podcast which is so honest, enlightening and real. Definitely check her out!

The original recipe contains no chocolate element and no oats so feel free to leave these out, but I can vouch for the deliciousness of these extras.

Stay tuned later in the week for a pimped-out version of these Choc-Chip Hot Cross Buns. I have made a few adjustments to their original recipe and WOAH! they came out of the oven smelling and looking absolutely heavenly! (and they’ll team perfectly with my Cinnamon-Spiked Butter)

Until then…


Choc-Cross Smoothie


1 cup unsweetened almond milk (or milk of your choice)

1 medium frozen banana

2 heaped tsp raw cacao powder

1 heaped tbsp rolled oats

pinch of ground cloves

2 tsp Whole Food Nutritionista Superfood Vanilla Chai Smoothie Blend

In place of the smoothie blend use the following:

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

1/4 tsp ground ginger

1/2 tsp maca powder

pinch each of ground nutmeg & cardamom

1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract


It’s hardly a method but basically you just pop everything into a blender and blend until smooth!

You can sprinkle activated buckwheat groaties, cinnamon, coconut chips, cacaso nibs, chopped nuts or whatever you desire on top and ENJOY!!!!